Just a few days before Christmas the playing fields at the back of the 'Westbury' estate saw fencing being erected - a space that has been used without hindrance for many years. It appears the College is now £8m richer.

“No Petticoats Here” by Louise Jordan (Live & Local)
Sunday 25 March, 7:30pm in Rolleston Club

This RoDSEC organised event shares the stories, through song, of remarkable women who lived during the First World War: one who dressed as a man and became a soldier; women who rescued airmen from No Man's Land; inventors, engineers, factory workers: inspirational women, working in a time of conflict, leaving a legacy. Tickets £9.00 available from Newsagent (813112) and RoDSEC members, including John Phillips (813833).

Both the threat and the reality of large scale developments within the village and surrounding areas is never far away. Read more about it in the planning section pages.

Last updated: 24 February 2018